Check this out. It's an article in the New York Time about a family in New York who wish to renovate their new apartment. apartment. The wife asks the architect to hide a bottle in the walls with a poem written by her husband in it. Give it a bit of a romantic, personal touch, I guess. The architect then designs an intricate series of puzzles, EACH MORE FIENDISH THAN THE ONE THAT CAME BEFORE, all hidden in the fittings of the place, complete with backstory and a musical soundtrack, without the family's knowledge, and leaves them to work out what it all means. This is brilliant.

As a kid, this would have blown my mind. Imagine finding all these secrets hidden in your home. The risks the architect must have taken would be huge too, completing such details without the client's knowledge or approval. The balls on this architect must be huge. Sounds like a dream client. Makes me want to hide lots of things in my design work.

Be sure to check out the image slideshow too.
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