Faith No More - I Started A Joke

I'm going through my Mike Patton obsession that seems to occur every 4 months, it seems. Lots and lots of Mr Bungle and Fantomas getting played on iTunes at the moment. He hasn't done much that's really grabbed me recently, but it's usually at least interesting. I happened to come across the clip for Faith No More's cover of "I Started A Joke" (original by the Bee-Gees, as I'm sure you're aware). I've never seen this before, and it's great. So I'm posting it here. It's not the best quality, but that doesn't really matter. Look out for Patton as the guy singing Funky Town at the beginning of the clip.

Incidentally, also getting a lot of rotation at the moment is Tango Saloon, who released their first record through Patton's label Ipecac. It sounds like you would imagine from the name. I'm not really particularly well versed in this style of music, the only frame of reference I can provide is that it sounds like a looser Tin Hat Trio. Good stuff.
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