Eric Skillman & The Criterion Collection

The couple of posts have been about movies and design. Any discussion pertaining to that never goes far without someone bringing up The Criterion Collection. In the US these DVDs are quite well known, but they aren't published in Australian, so nobody seems to know about them. Luckily we had an amazing art-house movie rental place called Kino that had several in stock imported from the US. I miss that place. They operate a postal rental service now but it's not the same as browsing the racks and picking out five films you're never heard of. Anyway...

Criterion take it upon themselves to find the best the cinematic world has to offer (arguably), polishing them up so they look great and adding a whole bunch of commentaries, essays, production notes, photos etc. Basically a film geek's wet dream. So how does this tie in to design? Well, the covers are beautiful.

Each film has its packaging newly re-designed, and Criterion must employ some of the best in-house designers in the world, because more often than not they are stunning.

So who is this Eric Skillman fellow in the title of this post then? Well, he happens to be one of the designers. He also happens to write a blog about the process and it's a good read if you're into that sort of thing. He goes through the various stages of the design process, showing his thought process, rejected concepts, and various type treatments. I've been making my way though it over the last couple of days and would recommend it if you're into that sort of thing. Also be sure to check out his portfolio site while you're at it, he's a talented guy.
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