Waltz with Bashir

This film looks amazing. It's an animated documentary, which follows directors Ari Folman as he tries to piece together his experiences during the 1982 Lebanon War. I think what they've done is taken the stories told by subjects they've interviewed, and then animated them. So perhaps the footage is not real, but the stories are? It's unclear to me right now. What is clear is that is looks fantastic. The preview features beautiful animation (featuring work from two of my favourite illustrators Tomer and Asaf Hanuka), an excellent soundtrack (PIL!) and the story looks pretty intense. Hopefully it will be showing here, if not in general release than at least at the film festival this summer (you never know, they only just showed Persepolis here for the first time at the Moonlight Cinema, which was one night only. And it rained. I guess there's just not a market is sleepy old Adelaide for introspective animated films in a Foreign language based on actual historical events. Go figure.) Because I'm impatient and don't want to have to import it on dvd.
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