Advanced Origami

I'm a vague geek. By which I mean I'm not particularly well versed in any subject, but i love learning about new things in simple ways. I don't want to read a textbook, but if you're a maths major I'd love you to tell me about it for 15 minutes. Concepts and ideas do it for me, detail i'm not so good on.

As such, TED is perfect for me. TED (which stand for "Technology, Engineering, Design", i believe) is a yearly conference where the brightest minds in their respective fields are invited to present to an audience. That's really the only linking factor, I think, so the depth and breadth of subjects is enormous. The TED website posts videos of the presentations. It is amazing and you should check it out if you haven't already. So many inspiring presentations. This one is for Rayna, about origami.
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Rayna said...

Cooooool!!! I'm gonna have to stick to butterflies and pandas.