I like Twitter. Chances are you are too. Everybody seems to be talking about Twitter. It lets me communicate with my friends throughout the day in an unobtrusive way. And it's great to follow individuals when they use it correctly (Clayton Cubitt, photographer extraordinaire and author of one of my favourite blogs Constant Siege, has a great twitter feed). It's the cool new thing in social networking (not to mean the service itself is new, but that it seems to have reached a critical mass in terms of visibility in the media, like Facebook and MySpace did in the last couple of years).

But I'm sick of hearing about it. Every radio show now keeps reminding you of its Twitter page. The Advertiser even ran a story on it (which means it is surely on the way out, right?). And from what I can tell, Facebook is so threatened by Twitter they re-designed their interface for the second time in recent months specifically to be more like Twitter. I'm sick of it.

Okay, I'm going to level with you, it doesn't really bother me, I've just heard the word "Twitter" a lot recently. I'm just trying to create some drama as a lead in for this story...

Isn't the modern world wonderful?

Also, there's this. Ha.

(and by request, here is my Twitter feed too, but i really don't think you'll find it all that exciting)
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