Alasdair McIntyre

See? Pictures! Art!

I just finished watching the latest episode of Artscape, which was a profile on the work of Alasdair McIntyre. I like his approach to art. It is quite introspective, dealing with his own relationship with art (hos own and others), the place of art within society, and other high-minded stuff that people who know lots about art and are serious about it. BUT, he does it in a very playful way, which I admire. His work doesn't talk down to people. Some artworks dare you to decipher them, which can be quite intimidating. That's not a knock against that kind of work. But I can see why it would turn people off. McIntyre's work is more like a warm invitation.

Staring At The Sun (2007)

Reconstructing The Babylonian Artifice (2003)

Full Circle (2004)
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