Clever blog post title

I couldn't think of a good name for this post. Deal.

So I bought Carlene a birthday present and made the wrapping paper. Since I photograph every little thing I make because i'm terribly narcissistic, here is a photo of it. I couldn't find the "0" for my stamp set to put in "30" so I had to use the capital "O", so the letterspacing and proportions is a little off, but I think that kind of adds to the hand-made feel of it.

I also made the invitations for her birthday celebrations (which I may photograph and put in another post, we'll see) and she gave me a $50 Borders voucher as a thankyou. Which was terribly sweet of her and totally unnecessary. I went in the other day looking to blow it on this book (or maybe this, which I saw at Mary Martins and looks interesting), but they didn't have it in stock. But, they had just got THIS in:

I just started reading Hunter S. Thompson's authobiography, and had a stack of books to move on to once I've finished it, but this has jumped straight to the top of that pile. I'll be sure to document my reaction.
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