James Roper

I like art that involves flesh. Twisted or exposed flesh. Anatomical drawings. Or abstracted photography of the human form. It's one of the many things that float my boat. Don't ask me why. I saw Akira when I was 10, maybe that did it, I don't know. Anyway, James Roper's work is really doing it for me right now, particularly his black and white drawings and the images in his "Rapture" series (from which the first of the above images is taken). It's not meat and muscle per se, in fact in some if his images it's twisted car parts and architecture and other non-squishy things. But it always looks so organic and pulsating and fleshy. Very cool.Check him out.

Edit: By the way, that second link, the "abstracted photography of the human form" one that you could argue isn't reallyabstracted, is by the supremely talented Clayton Cubitt, who is one of my very favourite artists. Always doing something interesting and his blog gives a real insight into his thought process and his headspace. Check out his work here and his blog here.
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