Jan Fabre likes beetles.

Jan Fabre is a Belgian artist. He does a lot of things: sculpture, writing, directing plays etc. A recent play of his Orgy of Tolerance has been quite controversial for some of its scenes (sex with furniture, sodomy with rifle barrels etc). Doesn't really sounds like my sort of thing. Seems to be a willfully obscene and cynical attempt to critique obscenity and cynicism. Ha. Clever. Next. But I haven't seen the play so I can't really comment. Read about it at The Stranger.

Anyway, he also has a thing for beetles, which for my money is where it gets interesting. Check out these images of what he did in the Palace of Brussels:

The Palace was commissioned by King Leopold II but he died before it was finished. The ceiling was left blank until 2002, when Fabre was commissioned to finish it. He covered the entire thing in scarab beetles, taking him and 29 assistants 4 months to complete. The final effect is stunning. They are not randomly glued, but adhere to a strict design. Apparently you can see several images, such as birds' wings and the letter "P" (for Queen Paola) in the final design, although you can't see that in these pics.

He's done a bunch of other beetle related sculptures and artwork, and is definitely worth checking out.
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