University haikus

Can't sleep, so I decided to clean some of the junk in my flat up. Get rid of some clutter. Busy work. I was going through the drawer where I keep my old notebooks. I am a big believer in notebooks when working to get down my thoughts and quickly sketch ideas out. And I'm a big believer in keeping my old notebooks, not throwing them away. So I was reading one of my old notebook from uni and stumbled upon a page of haikus.

As a scholar of the English language, I know haikus are the highest form of expression. I knew this even in uni. As did Sam. We wrote lots of haikus to amuse ourselves. For those who aren't aware, a haiku is a short poem composed of three lines. The first and third line must contain five syllables, while the second line must contain seven syllables. Here's some I found in my old uni notebook:

Keep in mind is was young and (more) immature.

During lunch I sit
At the head of the table.
That makes me the boss.

Political march.
Slogans lack some class these days.
"George Bush, suck my balls!"

Whales breathe oxygen.
Can't help thinking it's not fair.
Why no birds with gills?

Working in a mine.
Face blackened by racist soot.
Golliwogs aren't cool.

I don't understand
why people go on diets.
Tai-bo keeps me fit.

Names for Lynda's kid:
For a girl: Sarah, perhaps?

Yeah, I was THAT guy.
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