iArtist of London

Do you think that Damien Hirst's artwork "For The Love of God" would look great on top of your tv cabinet, but can't afford the US$100 million pricetag?

iArtist of London are here to help. For an affordable price they will ship you a do-it-yourself kit so you can make your very own, including glue, a plastic skull and some crystals.

Or, if Hirst isn't your thing, why not look into making your very own version of Marc Quin's "Self", a bust of the artist made from his own frozen blood.

The iArtist version comes with all you need, including the items to make a mould of your own head, and a blood bag so you can collect the final materials for your sculpture. Bring your own freezer.

Or choose from a number of other options, emulating artists such as Tracy Emin, Rachel Whiteread and Banksy.
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