King of Pop

Interesting discussion going on at The Dieline, a packaging design blog, about this concept, submitted to the blog by an unnamed LA artist. He is openly offering the design to PepsiCo "not as a money making idea but as a way of expressing the power of icons and the art of a big idea."

So, thoughts? If this were to pop up on the shelves, would it be a tacky cash-in by Pepsi, or a classy tribute and acknowledgment of their prior working working relationship? Personally I think it is clever as a concept, and works on a couple of layers, but that takes a nosedive as soon as it becomes an actual product for sale. Not that it is going to become one, mind you. It really works better as a think-piece on the roles of branding in celebrity and vice-versa than as an actual product. Plus, when you opened it, it would still taste like Pepsi. Yuck.

If this interests you at all, I recommend jumping over to the site and reading the discussion.
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