Hiroshima's baseball team is called the Carp

A better name for a sporting organisation I have yet to hear. Note that the immense size of their players' heads makes the chances of being walked from being beaned in the head much greater. That's just good strategy. Probably. I don't know anything about baseball except I find it only slightly less boring than cricket.

Also, let's hear it for team names that can be interpreted at both singular and plural.
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leedigsdeep said...

Hiroshima Carp are awesome!! Love their music and half ballons. Did you go to a match?

Nick said...

Nope, no match. Because even an amazing manhole cover isn't going to get me to enjoy a baseball match. I'm not sure if it was even baseball season to be honest. There was very little merchandising out around town. I remember the first time I went over to Kobe and the soccer was on they had posters EVERYWHERE. But not this time with the Carp. Just manhole covers and welcome mats.