Art hummingbirds are go

Recently I was invited by the good boys from Screamdance to contribute to an indoor mural they had been asked to do inside Adelaide venue Jive. The basic idea that Chris from Screamdance had was that he would create a city skyline with buildings and empty windows, and then invite a whole load of Adelaide artists to fill in a window each. That was the brief. Great idea. Here is a time-lapse video of the before and after. Last I checked there's still some empty windows which will be filled over time.

You can't see mine and Rayna's contribution in the vid since the wall we worked on is by the stage and thus not visible. There's some great variety of work, which you would think could look like a mish mash, but Chris set the restriction of only using red, blue and white and it gives the whole thing a consistency that pulls it together. Chris' giant hairy monster (very Edseresque) and Benzo's giant robot towering over everything help too.

It's definitely a huge improvement over what was there and hopefully Jive and the patrons like it. It's a cool way to get Adelaide visual artists' work in front of people.

Before and after photos below:


(our contribution is the mainly blue window on the bottom left with a white figure, near the giant santa. It's a man who is sad that he never became an astronaut.)

More photos including details shots on Flickr
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