Andrew Zuckerman - Bird

Andrew Zuckerman has just released a new book of his photos of aniamls, this time focusing on birds. Tthe photogrpahs are stunning as always. It's his usual style, with the animals isolated on stark white backgrounds. He captures some incredible moments of them in flight from beautiful angles, as well as some striking details photos. And as usual, his cropping and placement of the birds within the stark frame is perfect. He really uses the space to bring out the movement and colour and structure of the animals he photographs, treating them in a very graphic way. I'm sticking some shots I've found floating around the web from his site up here. His site warns that any reproduction except for personal use is VERY VERY BAD. I would say this is personal use. If not, I'll take them down. Either way, go to the website and check out all of the photos.
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