Kimiko Yoshida

The Mao Bride (Red Guard Red). Self-portrait, 2009

Marrakech Henna. Self-portrait, 2009

The Harlequin Bride, remembering Picasso. Self-portrait, 2006

Meknes Arabesque. Self-portrait, 2009

I stumbled upon the work of Kimiko Yoshida while looking for a xmas present for a friend. I was considering buy them this book about Eiko Ishioka's work as a costume designer. I really love a lot of her stuff, specifically the stuff from Bram Stoker's Dracula and both of Tarsem's films The Cell and (especially) The Fall. So I jumped online to do a bit more research and came across these images, from Kimiko Yoshida's series of self portraits. Amazing stuff. I'm especially digging the series of Picasso tributes, of which the above Harlequin Bride image is a part. I'm on holiday now for a bit over a week, and I'll definitely be spending a lazy afternoon trawling the web to see more of her stuff.

PS. Happy holidays everyone. Hope you xmas/Hanukah/whatever was a good one. Eventful for those who want that, non-eventful for those who just like to sit around and relax (That's my preference. Sun and food and drinks.) My beautiful partner gave me a screen-printing set, so hopefully you'll see some results from that on this very blog soon.
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