Sunglasses required.

These images are from Tokyo's Senzoku Kaguen College of Music. Specifically, they're from a building ironically named The Black Hole (or Black Hall, depending on who you ask) and was designed by Terada Design & Architects. The colours are blowing me away. Not the place you want to be the morning after a big night... It shows how you don't need outlandish structural designs to make an impact. Not when you have an outlandish colour palette to make up for it. All it's missing is a beige feature wall.

The unreal colours over each surface plane remind of some of the (sadly defunct) Designers' Republic's work for Warp from years and years ago, which was architectural shots over which they had laid bright planes of colour. This is a bit more full on than that. My next trip to Japan is going to be a little more Tokyo focused than the last two, so it's definitely on my list of places to check out whilst there.
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