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Enjoying this guy's reviews, even if he over-plays the whole "I murder women" thing. That kind of ruins it. But when he's not screwing that up, his film 101 analysis of films is pretty funny, and it's nice to see this sort of thing on the web when so often it's someone screaming "THIS FILM RULEZ/SUXXX". It's a nice change to see someone doing long-format reviews and getting into analysis about character motivations, themes and film-making choices.

I pretty much agreed with this review of Avatar. Seems like everyone I've talked to about it loved it. It left me feeling a bit hollow. I enjoyed watching it, and there is something interesting about watching a manipulative film and knowing youj are ebing manipulated but not being able to help it anyway. But in the end, there wasn't much left to chew on, except their questionabIe decision to have the tribal race played by an all African American cast. I know, I know, story-telling archetypes yadda yadda yadda. It was still a poor decision. Rather than discussing the themes of the film, we just wound up debating the morality of the casting/art direction choices.

It was still fun. I never want to see it again. But it sure was pretty.
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