And stay out

This year has been a good one for gigs in tiny Adelaide. So far this year I've been lucky enough to see Neko Case, the Dirty Three, Amanda Palmer, Lupe Fiasco and Pavement (!) so far this year. Coming up is Massive Attack, Spoon, The Mountain Goats, maybe Vampire Weekend, and more I'm sure. That might not be so impressive if you live in Melbourne, but for Adelaide it's pretty fantastic. For the record, they've all been great shows, especially Lupe Fiasco, Neko Case and the Dirty Three.

Pavement's reunion show was on Saturday. Good show. One of my very favourite bands, never thought I'd ever see them live. Not nearly as messy as I'd been lead to believe it would be. The crowd was a little too polite though. When someone in the band hands you a shaker and point a microphone at you, you shake it. It's not hard. Loosen up, people.

But, what's with the obligatory encore? This is my pet peeve about going to shows. The band finishes, they leave the stage. We cheer for a while. Some feet stamping. The band comes back out and plays two more songs, maybe three. Like clockwork. As if there was any doubt there would be an encore after Pavement's set, a roadie came out and tuned one of the guitars as soon as they left the stage. Way to keep us in suspense.

Why not just play three more songs in your set? I'm not against encores, just the tediousobligatory ones tacked on the end of every single set. Save the encores for when you have a REALLY good crowd. Make the actual encores a real treat.

/end rant
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