Massive Attack played here on Sunday and the show was suitable, uh, massive. Good crowd, incredible sound, and a stunning light show. The light display really set the tone and created a dark and paranoid sort of mood (within reason) that worked brilliantly with the music, and the themes were focused on the media, war, "terror" those sorts of things. The best display went with my favourite song of theirs (Inertia Creeps), where they scrolled headlines from the local news in the background. From what I've seen on YouTube, the display is new in every city they play, with new headlines. I wonder if someone input the headlines in before the show, or if it set up to randomly pull headlines from local news sites on the fly.

Another song displayed and contrasted the yearly wages of important social work position or goods and servcies in third world countries with the expense account items of the average UK politician. Eg. $10 for the weekly food budget of a third world family vs. $200 for new toilet seats. Of course, notably absent from this list was the $120 that a ticket to a Massive Attack concert costs...Worth every cent though.

Martina Topley Bird and Horace Andy were both there on vocals and did a wonderful job. I didn't know Horace Andy would be there on the night, so that was pretty exciting. Topley Bird also had the job of playing solo as support, and gradually won the crowd over, and she was nice enough to sign and chat with with us at the merch stand after the show.

Video of their setup for Inertia Creeps from another performance is below:
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