Ron Mueck

I spent the Easter weekend over in Melbourne. Fun fun fun. Lots of eating and drinking. Especially drinking. The highlight of it all was Ron Mueck's exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria. Surprisingly, photography was allowed, so I've posted a few photos below. No flash, so they're a little fuzzy.

The works were stunning. I love how he's created these hard/solid works that have a real sense of frailty and vulnerability. The really have a lot of life. His use of scale emphasises these facets. I also love how he his works interact with the audience, especially the wild man, who sits naked on a chair, looking supremely uncomfortable while everyone around him snaps photos. Viewing the pieces amongst people feels like it's the missing component of the work. It's pretty incredible stuff.

More info about Ron Mueck and the exhibition on the NGV site here.
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