Pink Elephants on Parade

Dumbo is my favourite old Disney cartoon. Loved the dramatic beginning, with the train going up the hill and workmen assembling the big top in the rain, and especially loved watching Dumbo swoop down on the clowns shooting peanuts at them with his trunk when I was young. It was very cathartic. I also loved the jive-talking blackbirds. I always assumed they were a relic of a different time, something you would never see on screen nowadays, but the I saw the "ghetto" robots in Transformers 2. At least the blackbirds were likeable...

Another scene I doubt you would see in a kids' cartoon nowadays is the Pink Elephants on Parade dream sequence. In this scene, Dumbo accidentally gets drunk and he begins to hallucinate dancing pink elephants. It's a very cool song and a cool scene.

Anyway, this is all a roundabout way of introducing Ritxi Ost├íriz’s newest animation, which pays homage to that scene, but with a cool Mexican Day of the Dead visual style. It's the second part of his ¡Viva Calaca! project ( see the first part here) It entertained me. He always does good work and this is no exception.
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