"Jezebel" by The Drones

“Jezebel’s the cow that ate nuclear fallout in Northern Queensland, near where I was born... They did heaps of nuclear tests in Australia – in South Australia and off the North West Shelf in the ocean. All up in the Southern Hemisphere in one year, I think 1962 or 1963, they let off sixty atomic and hydrogen bombs. Then the wind blew across the northwest to the northeast. It rained and the cows ate this grass that’d been polluted with all this fallout. Yet at about the same time they were pushing kids to drink more milk to help the dairy industry. So kids were drinking all this shit and the CSIRO were using bones from autopsies of kids who died of unnatural causes. They were grinding them up and testing for levels of strontium 90 and iodine...

...It was going to have a different name that was more hysterical – but I figured, fuck it, name it after a cow.”
Gareth Liddiard

Quote taken from this brilliant interview on Mess & Noise
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