The only valid use of technology is to simulate things we used to be able to do without it, but faster.

Anyone who uses a mac and iTunes (ie. everyone who uses a mac) and misses flicking through their records to find what they want to listen to should check out CoverFlow. It's like flicking through the vinyl bins of your hard-drive. Takes ages to load the first time though. However, it is a lot lighter than crates of vinyl. Which i have found out the hard way whilst moving all my stuff in to Rayna's flat this week. My back hurts. And Ikea is a well-lit, but dark and soulless place. Free pencils though.

Edit: So Apple bought this and it's part of OS X now. Wonderful. For added useless eye-candy, try Cover Stream if you're running Leopard. It's CoverFlow without having to bring up iTunes, but I use it in my menubar to quickly skip songs. It also put the cover of the record you're listening to on your desktop, which is good for quickly checking what you're listening to when a random song you're not familiar with comes on when shuffling.

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