Reasons i enjoy the music of Mu

1) Any song sounds better when sung by a Japanese woman.
2) Especially when that Japanese woman is screeching about how you should stop bothering Michael Jackson and writing a song called "Paris Hilton" where she mostly squawks like a chicken.
3) Duets with Sam during the song "My Name is Tommi"
4) They shamelessly rip off Talking Heads' "Once in a Lifetime" on the last song of their first album. And I'm all for Talking Heads and shamelessly ripping them off.
5) The name Mu reminds me of Mu-Mu Land and The KLF, who are The Greatest Group in the History of Pop Music. One day I'm going to put the steps from The Manual into practice and get me number one hit in the UK (but no performance on Top of the Pops anymore. These are dark times we live in.)

I have been listening to Mu a lot tonight. Also, drawing people in powdered wigs. And getting paid for it. I love my life.
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