More than meets the eye

So I saw Transformers 2. And it is quite the spectacle. Big and bold and loud and brash. And terrible. But spectacularly so. It's almost admirable how it manages to be so unapologetically over the top, brimming with detail and sounds and lights to ake your senses light up, and yet simultaneously it is so lazy and dull and soulless at the same time. it's like Michael Bay ripped open his soul and exposed it to the world found...another Michael Bay inside.
This review pretty much sums it up.


The twins robots that are ghetto characatures are embarrassingly bad. Not a redeeming quality about them.

The sound design is incredible.

The robot "gore" I found slightly unsettling. I guess because it's a kids movie. And the robots rip each others faces in half in vivid detail. And at one point a cat shaped robots has its robots spinal chord torn out by it's robot cat tail. It's so so so violent and graphic, but it's okay because they're robots. That just seems odd to me. I can't explain it.

I hope I never hear the phrase "I am under the enemy scrotum" in a romantic situation. Or maybe I hope I do. It depends on how it lead up to that point.

As in the first movie, the robots look good, but they also all look the same. I always thought that having a distinct silhouette was one of the important parts of character design, but these ones all look way too similar and complicated. Or maybe I'm just old.

On a related note, my 9-year-old self would have loved the shit out of this movie. The fact that I did not enjoy it like he would have is both heartening and sad, depending on how you approach it. IT'S ALL SO CONTRADICTORY! WITH EXPLOSIONS!
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Lee said...

I'm surprised you saw it after that review you previously posted. Explosions are hard to resist!