In a modern age

Lovely video by Danny Cooke about signwriter David A. Smith, who specialises in cut and embossed glass. I love watching things like this, seeing the craft that goes into an object or product. There's a real anachronistic quality about David and the video, like he's operating in another time, keeping an old craft alive. There seems to be a rash of similar videos popping up, usually focusing on people who take a decidedly old-world or hand-made approach to their craft. I'm thinking of stuff like this video Cool Hunting made about the Mast Brothers, who are chocolatiers:

Lovely stuff. And the Mast brothers have tremendous red beards, so I feel a natural kinship with them. Maybe one day they can join Ginger Voltron.

It's great seeing people who have so much obvious passion for the process behind their product. These are people who have decided to go against the prevailing wisdom and refuse to modernise, because they feel it would rob their products of their soul. Well, that's me putting words in their mouth, but it seems about right, yeah? It seems like we're being pulled between slick technology and old-world romanticism. People are still looking for objects that are crafted, and have a human touch. Which would explain why everyone I know with an iPhone has a toy-camera filter application.
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