Lola Dupre's work is entirely made from paper and scissors. As near as I can tell she prints out hundreds of copies of the same image and cuts them up, before reconfiguring the image, rearranging and distorting the image in the process. It's kind of like an analogue version of photoshop, or a way of creating characatures with photography. It reminds me of the illustrations of the characters that appeared over the credits of the old British sitcom "Yes, Minister".

I don't want to sell her work short though, there's a good amount of range there. Some of the stuff is more sinister, some of much more fragmented and deconstructed, some is quite abstract. And her blog (which you can view here) lists her work in order as it is created, which means you can thematic and aesthetic progression from piece to piece, which is something I love to see. I wish more portfolio websites did that. Really good stuff.
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